Who is this Lady?

Hi! Wow…. ok….. I didn’t expect anyone to click on this page. I guess that means you want to know a bit about me. I’m not sure if I should be flattered or worried…. Well, here we go then….
Short version:
Name: To many to count, but the one my parents gave me is Allison.
Description: wife to my best friend, mother to a boy, a bulldog, and 2 sweet angles in heaven, conservative hippie (think about it and it’ll make sense), daughter, Christian, prepper, home school teacher, business owner, procrastinator, coffee addict, quirky, organizing freak with a cluttered house, former truck driver, a master at folding a fitted sheet, former sales agent, a sarcastic smart@$$, lover of all things soft and fuzzy.
Hobbies: still acting like a newlywed with my husband, aspiring artist, archery, cooking, reading, research (I love learning something new), firearms training, enjoying the outdoors (though I despise bugs), making sure all objects in our lives have a purpose (even though some just make me smile because they’re pretty). I’m sure there’s more, but this is all that comes to mind.
Languages: English, Southern (aka redneck), trucker, toddler (though I’m rusty), Fluent in sarcasm and smart@$$, enough Spanish to keep up with a conversation (learning more is on the schedule for homeschooling), currently learning ASL (American Sign Language). French, more Spanish, Italian, and Morris Code are all on the schedule.

Long Description: (Be warned, I’m a bit of a rambler)
Hi, I’m Allison, friends call me Alli, (unless we met thru a professional venue, then I’m still Allison. You choose, I’m fine with both. )
Who am I? I am me, but people generally like labels, so, I am a wife to the best husband a girl could ever ask for. I am lucky enough to be married to my best friend for (what year is this?) somewhere near 15 years. We have a beautiful son, who drives me bonkers most days, but he’s 9 and I love him. Our other son is an English Bulldog named Gus. Again with the driving me bonkers, but he’s still a puppy. His laziness gene will kick in soon.
I’m a former truck driver. Hubs and I drove for nearly 10 years and gave it up when the boy got old enough for school. That led me to become a trucking dispatcher. Yes, I know, but it was a natural transition. (Not to put words in my driver’s mouths, but they loved me and I am truly missed.) Before driving, my history is in various types of sales. Didn’t care for it much, but it paid the bills. It was like wearing a shoe that’s too small, not comfortable, but can be done.
So, in 2015, I got laid off from the dispatching job. Budget cuts I’m told. And we figured it was time to do something different. Hubby travels for work and I needed more availability for our son. So, after trying, and not really succeeding, a few different things, we knew we had to do something different. We took a long hard look at what we really wanted to do with our lives. We knew that our history of just existing wasn’t satisfying. We wanted more, but it had to have a purpose. After some long thought, prayer and planning, ERKSHub.com was born.
It’s a web-store specializing in emergency supplies and survival gear. It’s still in it’s infancy, but it’s growing! I absolutely love it, struggles and all!! This business has given us the opportunity to meet some fantastic people and opened new doors that we never knew where a possibility, including this podcast/blog.

History of ERKSHub.com:
The store really came from our need to be more prepared for life’s emergencies. We had an idea that we needed to have some supplies for SHTF, but never really put a whole lot of effort into it because of cost. There were always things that were more important than buying a $100 kit full of band-aids and granola bars. The alternative was spending lots more money and time making lists of the stuff we needed, sourcing it all, and choking on the total price tag.
Then Hurricane Katrina hit. We were driving at the time, and saw first hand what people were going through. Traveling hundreds of miles to get even basic supplies. The idea of prepping started to take root.
Then, an F4 tornado struck Birmingham. Again, we were driving, and running from that particular storm. Literally. The roots dug deeper.
Next was the ice storm that hit the south, Georgia specifically, where a lot of people were stranded in their cars for days, and in Kentucky, where a man was found wrapped around his hot water heater, frozen to death because the power had been out for a couple of days and he had no alternate heat.
We’ve had countless other close calls with tornadoes, snow storms, ice storms and even earthquakes (I grew up in SoCal), economic down turns, and lay-offs. The seeds of prepping were taking hold and beginning to sprout. We were finally developing a sense of urgency. But as time passed, the struggle of prepping transformed from not wanting to spend the money, to not having the money to spend. And we knew that others had the same problem. So, with our struggles with prepping, and the need for a drastic change in our lives, plus the desire to have a purpose, the light bulb finally came on.

More doors began to open:
After the store was up and running, I realized it wasn’t enough to just sell the stuff people need. They needed to know WHY and HOW to prep. I took the easiest route possible and started a Facebook group for people to share knowledge, Prepping- More than bug-out bags & off-grid living. I met a great lady who is as passionate as I am about the need to be prepared. She owns a community project center and asked me to teach a class on prepping with plans of turning it into a series of classes (coming soon if you live in the Sioux Falls SD area).
We also needed to advertise our store more, get a wider reach. So I called a friend of mine, who is also a former colleague. He has a very successful podcast. Maybe he’ll let me be a sponsor? You may have heard of him. Paul Lathrop, the founder of the Polite Society Podcast. (For those of you who know Paul, I used to be his dispatcher.) So I call him…..”You want to be a sponsor?? Awesome! Let’s get started!!” A couple weeks later Paul calls……. “Hey, I have a wild idea! We want to expand the network. Ever thought about hosting a podcast?” And that’s how Passionate About Prepping was born.

And because I don’t have enough to do, I now home school the boy too.

Wow!! You read this far? Good job!! Wanna know more? We’ll talk more on the show.