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For those that don’t know yet, I’ve started a new site. Basically a clone of this one, but I’ve added some new features that this site won’t support.

So head on over to PassionatePrepping.com for all the new episodes and blog posts and the new Members area that is FREE to join!!

See you there!!

Can I Really Do This??

If you’re anything like me, when faced with a new situation, project, or life event, you turn to the internet to find what others have to say on the matter. There is a beginners guide to just about anything you can think of, and most are easy to locate.

Prepping, on the other hand, is a bit different.

Beginners guide are a bit scarce, and the ones that do exist are horrendously incomplete and leave more questions than they have answered. So you ask yourself “Where do I go now?”, and you decide to dig in to the not-so-beginners-guides. The blogs and books and podcasts of people who are living the life you want to live. Who have already accomplished the goals you have set for yourself. And after spending a small amount of time doing your research, it hits you… This is HUGE!  Continue reading “Can I Really Do This??”

Archery & Prepping

Caveman and ArcheryArchery has been around since man figured out that launching a stick with a string would make said stick go farther than just throwing it.

The invention of gun powder and mass produced firearms pushed archery to the wayside as the battle strategy of choice despite the fact that for eons it was the best way to defend yourself, family and land rights.

Just like any tool, it’s critical to use the right one for the job. The bow is extremely versatile and  can be easily carried (especially if you have a take-down recurve bow that can be broken down into pieces. More on that later.) and it will never run out of ammo. But does that mean that a bow and arrows should be part of your preps? The answer for me is a resounding yes, but I’m here to help you answer that question for yourself.  Continue reading “Archery & Prepping”

Home Vacuum Sealers are a Money (and Life) Savers

I have it stored right on my main counter so it’s convenient to use. My jar sealer is usually always attached to it. It’s mine, you can’t have it!

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. I LOVE MY FOOD SAVER!!!

Someday in the future my machine will die (most likely from over use), but that day is not today, and frankly it makes me cry just thinking about it. *sniff*

Other than prolonging the shelf life of all the food I seal in bags and canning jars, there-by saving me money, I think my favorite use for a  vacuum sealer is it can be used for SO much more than food! I’ve compiled a list for you to consider sealing in jars or bags!

Continue reading “Home Vacuum Sealers are a Money (and Life) Savers”

Do I Have Enough Space for ALL of This??

Disorganized Closet
We all have a closet that looks similar to this……

No matter what size house, apartment, mobile home, or broom closet you live in, one of the first things many people say when beginning the journey of prepping, is “Where am I going to put all of this stuff?”

It’s a struggle we all have, even if we aren’t trying to become more prepared. We live in a disposable age. While it is a fabulous time, it does have it’s down side. It’s so easy to find and acquire the things that we want, when we want them, that we don’t often measure our “need” for the object of our desire. And this leads to a lot of excess in our homes. Specifically all the storage space we possess.  Continue reading “Do I Have Enough Space for ALL of This??”