Ep. 2- Basic Supplies & Blind Spots

Good morning fellow preppers!! Thanks for joining me for Episode 2 of Passionate about Prepping!

On today’s show we’ll go over:

  • My thoughts on how to interact with non-preppers
  • Basic supplies to get you through most short term emergencies for the new kids
  • Blind spots in your preps for the experienced individuals
  • And some of the reasons “normal” people think we’re crazy
  • Plus our useful item of the week!! 

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  • 10 FREE Preps to put on your to-do list (Plus 1 extra):
  1. Learn to get around your house in the dark
  2. Organize your food
  3. Inventory your stuff
  4. De-clutter your house
  5. Make your Family Preparedness Plan
  6. Practice your skills and learn a new one
  7. Write down your wish/ priority list for shopping & refine your existing lists
  8. Complete your projects
  9. Put together an EDC bag
  10. Basic vehicle maintenance
  11. (The Extra One) Can your meats- This may cost a little money if  you don’t already have canning supplies. 
  • 5 Reasons to hunker Down & Stay-put, a.k.a. Bugging-In
  1. Higher Security
  2. Knowledge of your Neighborhood
  3. Knowledge of your Geographic Area
  4. Home has more supplies than you can carry
  5. People you love will look for you there first


  • Rookie Mistakes also made by experienced Preppers
  1. Obsessing over “Doomsday”
  2. Relying on gadgets instead of skills
  3. Failure to practice your skills
  4. Not having an evacuation plan
  5. Putting all your eggs in one basket- storing all your preps in one location
  6. Not having a Support & Communications Plan- older generations had one, called it “neighbors”.


  • Basic Supplies to Get You Through Most Short Term Emergencies
  1. Water– 1 gallon/ person/ day + extra for pets and cooking, 1-2 week supply to start
  2. Food– Research calorie intake based on age & activity level
  3. First-aid/Trauma Kit– A basic first-aid kit will get you started, but I recommend adding the following items as well:
    • First-aid Instructions (better yet, take a class)
    • Bandages, gauze & medical tape
    • Splints & Ace® type bandage
    • Antiseptic like alcohol wipes or Bactine (my favorite)
    • Prescription and OTC medications including Tylenol®, Motrin®, Benadryl® and Pepto Bismol®.
    • Exam gloves
    • Athlete’s Foot cream- basic skin infections from poor hygene
    • Antacid’s
    • Instant ice pack
    • Cotton swabs and balls
    • *Extra glasses and set of dentures and repair kits for both
  4. Cooking Source– grill, rocket stove, camp stove, etc & fuel. Make sure you know how to use it BEFORE you need it.
    • Bucket lid opener
    • Cooking pot & skillet
    • Plates, bowls, & utensils for cooking and eating, don’t forget the can opener
  5. Bathroom facilities– a camping toilet& chemical or 5 gallon bucket with trash bags & kitty litter. Or something like this.
  6. Toiletries
    • Toothbrushes, toothpaste (can dehydrate to save space)
    • Deodorant
    • Soap or baby wipes
    • Rags for washing (body & dishes)
    • Roll of trash bags, grocery sacks, and/or zip-top bags for smelly items
    • Feminine hygiene
    • Toilet paper & perennial bottle
  7. Warmth
    • Sleeping bags &/or blankets AND extra mylar emergency blankets
    • Tent, tarp or other means to make your heating area smaller
    • Candles- can double as cooking source, I like these (80 hour burn time & cheap)
    • Change of clothes plus extra socks, underpants and bras (I recommend brand new. Moral booster in a bad situation)
  8. Tools
    • Multi-tool
    • Knife- fixed blade, 6 in. or longer
    • knife sharpener
    • mini-shovel (e-tool)
    • ax or hatchet
    • hand saw
    • matches or lighter
    • fire extinguisher
    • cording, rope, or other lashing
    • 2-way communication radio & survival whistle
    • Flashlights (multiple) and radio- battery, crank or rechargeable
    • Extra batteries- consider rechargeable batteries and a solar charge
    • And Duct Tape- because if you can’t duck, f**k it. It’s broke.
  9. Comfort & Distraction Items– for the kids (and adults)
    • A stuffy or blanket
    • board games, coloring books & crayons, playing
    • books (for learning & pleasure)
    • Candy or gum
  10. Bags of Your Choice– backpack, duffels, etc. in case you need to evacuate
    • firearms & ammunition and a cleaning kit
    • Bow & arrows
    • Other type of weapon you’re comfortable using to protect yourself and family
  12. Birth Control– because life doesn’t stop in emergencies
    • Condoms (extremely multi purpose items)
    • Other type of non-medicinal contraceptive
    • If you’re done having kids, consider a permanent alternative


Possible Blind Spots in Your Preps

  • Lantern mantels or lamp wicks
  • Flashlight bulbs
  • Solar charger for rechargeable batteries
  • Lighter fluid
  • Yeast & copper tubing – make your own….. fuel! Yeah that’s it!
  • Spark plugs and extra belts (for engine and your body)
  • Socks, underpants, bras & the knowledge to repair and make new ones
  • Thread, patches, extra sewing needles
  • Sutures and needles
  • Buttons, zippers, snaps, & Velcro®
  • Cornstarch (for the kitchen and bathroom)
  • Boot laces (substitutes just don’t work as well)
  • eye drops or eye wash
  • Washboard & dish pan
  • Tooth paste or baking soda 
  • Lice shampoo
  • Perineal bottles
  • Razor blades &/or straight razor (don’t forget the barber strap)
  • Saw blades
  • Screws, nails, lumber (pallets are an easy way to stock up cheap)
  • Non-electric equipment to harvest trees and process into building lumber
  • Gardening & food processing equipment (again, non-electric)
  • Extra pressure caner and jar lids
  • Manual Kitchen tools ( butter churn, juice press, corn husker, manual egg beater, cheese cloth & wax, heavy duty peeler) Yes, we could do it like the settlers did, but isn’t that why we prep? So we don’t have to go totally cave-man style.
  • Bucket lid opener
  • Salt for curing
  • Cold smoker
  • Bird seed (to attract dinner)
  • Alternative Hunting supplies-
    • Sling shot & pellets 
    • BB gun with BB’s
    • crossbow & bolts
    • snares and traps
  • Tent & tarps patches

I hope this got you to thinking about what pieces your preps may be missing!! If you know of anything I forgot, please share it in the comments below!! Thanks!