Ep. 19- Talking with Bob Mayne about Budgeting for Preppers

Welcome Fellow Preppers!! Thank you for joining me for Episode 19 of Passionate About Prepping.

This week we have yet another special guest. Bob Mayne and I had a lovely conversation on the beginners basics for budgeting for preppers.

You can catch Bob on his two podcasts, Handgun World Podcast and Today’s Survival Show, as well. Bob and I are both proud members of the Self Defense Radio Network. You should head over there and give a listen to some of the other fantastic shows available!

Bob was also kind enough to provide the link to Tim Gable’s Blog. I’ll definitely be checking it out!

Also, for those that want to learn what Dave Ramsey’s principles are, here a link to the Total Money Makeover for sale on his website. (Again, I don’t get a penny for recommending it. I truly believe in his products.)

Happy Prepping!