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Ep. 12- We’re Under New Management, but the Storms Are Still Coming

Welcome Fellow Preppers! Thank you for joining me for Episode 12 of Passionate About Prepping. This week, we have a studio full of people and we’re ready to talk your ear off!

This weeks topic:

  • Our country will soon be under new management, and it doesn’t matter what your political beliefs are, the storms are still going to come.
  • Susan will also talk about her experience working for the American Red Cross and FEMA.

This weeks Sponsors:

Thanks to Paul and Susan Lathrop for joining us! You can hear their show, the Polite Society Podcast, here!

Welcome to Passionate About Prepping

This is Episode 1, recorded on Oct 15, 2016. In today’s show we will talk about…..

  • ME!!!
  • Oh, and What is a Prepper
  • What is Prepping
  • Why and what are we preparing for
  • And finally, the basics on how to start

Thanks for joining me for the very first episode on Passionate about Prepping. I hope you’ll join me for more next week!!

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