Ep. 20- Replay of Episode 3

Welcome Fellow Preppers. I have apologies to make once again. Due to being sick, I was not able to record a new show for you this week.  Please enjoy a refresher on what you should store for long term food preps, how to store it, and how to make it last as long as possible.

I’ll have a new show for you this weekend as usual. In the mean time…

Happy Prepping!

Home Vacuum Sealers are a Money (and Life) Savers

I have it stored right on my main counter so it’s convenient to use. My jar sealer is usually always attached to it. It’s mine, you can’t have it!

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. I LOVE MY FOOD SAVER!!!

Someday in the future my machine will die (most likely from over use), but that day is not today, and frankly it makes me cry just thinking about it. *sniff*

Other than prolonging the shelf life of all the food I seal in bags and canning jars, there-by saving me money, I think my favorite use for a  vacuum sealer is it can be used for SO much more than food! I’ve compiled a list for you to consider sealing in jars or bags!

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Ep. 17- The Various Uses of a Home Vacuum Sealer

Welcome Fellow Preppers!! Thank you for joining us for Episode 17 of Passionate About Prepping!

Joey has returned this week to help me sing the praises of the FoodSaver® brand home vacuum sealer and all of it’s various uses.

Look for the follow up blog post later this week.

Happy Prepping!

Do I Have Enough Space for ALL of This??

Disorganized Closet
We all have a closet that looks similar to this……

No matter what size house, apartment, mobile home, or broom closet you live in, one of the first things many people say when beginning the journey of prepping, is “Where am I going to put all of this stuff?”

It’s a struggle we all have, even if we aren’t trying to become more prepared. We live in a disposable age. While it is a fabulous time, it does have it’s down side. It’s so easy to find and acquire the things that we want, when we want them, that we don’t often measure our “need” for the object of our desire. And this leads to a lot of excess in our homes. Specifically all the storage space we possess.  Continue reading “Do I Have Enough Space for ALL of This??”

Ep. 16- Where Am I Going to Put All of This Stuff?

Welcome Fellow Preppers!! Thank you for joining me for Episode 16 of Passionate About Prepping! I’m flying solo today. Joey opted out since our topic is a bit out of his area of expertise.

I had a conversation with a Facebook friend earlier in the week and she mentioned having trouble finding places to put all of her preps. I dung through my memory banks and did some research, and have a list of ideas on creative ways to store your preps!

I found the link for the 5 gallon bucket washing machine for those that are interested. It’s by FoodStorageMoms.com.

And here’s the link for the Five Gallon Pack I mentioned.

Please share your creative storage idea with us below!! Have a great week!

Happy Prepping!!!

Ep. 2- Basic Supplies & Blind Spots

Good morning fellow preppers!! Thanks for joining me for Episode 2 of Passionate about Prepping!

On today’s show we’ll go over:

  • My thoughts on how to interact with non-preppers
  • Basic supplies to get you through most short term emergencies for the new kids
  • Blind spots in your preps for the experienced individuals
  • And some of the reasons “normal” people think we’re crazy
  • Plus our useful item of the week!! 

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