Ep. 11- Bringing Your Spouse to the Dark Side

Welcome Fellow Preppers!! Thank you for joining us for Episode 11 of passionate about prepping!

I used to be a reluctant spouse when it came to prepping. And I have received questions from other preppers on how to convince their spouse to start prepping. This week Joey and I will talk about the different ways to over come the many objections there are to moving over to the dark side.

Happy Prepping!

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Ep 10- Baby It’s Cold Outside… and Inside

Welcome fellow Preppers! Thank you for joining me for Episode 10 of Passionate About Prepping!

This week, Joey and I talk about getting the house ready for winter, emergency heating and creative ways to stay warm to assist your emergency heat, and prepping for extra people in your home during the holiday season.

Happy prepping!

Ep. 9- Talking Vehicle Prep with Paul Lathrop

Welcome Fellow Preppers!!! Thank you for joining me for Episode 9 of Passionate About Prepping! This week, Paul Lathrop, host of Polite Society Podcast, is joining me to talk about vehicle preps.

For those that are interested, here’s a link for the National Association for Amateur Radio as Paul and I discussed today.

Happy Prepping!

Ep. 8- Being Ready to Go and Prepping for Dependants

Welcome Fellow Preppers to Episode 8 of Passionate about Prepping!!

In the wake of the Gatlinburg Tennessee wildfires, I thought we could expand on being ready to leave in a hurry and some ways to prepare your home to increase the chances for it’s survival.

I’ll also go over some ways and supplies to prep for children, elderly and infirm and pets!

Happy Prepping!!