Ep. 3- To stock, or Not to Stock… And What Do I do With It?

Welcome Fellow Preppers!! Thanks for joining me for Episode 3 of Passion about Prepping!!

On today’s show we will go over what you should store for long term food preps, how to store it, and how to make it last as long as possible.

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Ep. 2- Basic Supplies & Blind Spots

Good morning fellow preppers!! Thanks for joining me for Episode 2 of Passionate about Prepping!

On today’s show we’ll go over:

  • My thoughts on how to interact with non-preppers
  • Basic supplies to get you through most short term emergencies for the new kids
  • Blind spots in your preps for the experienced individuals
  • And some of the reasons “normal” people think we’re crazy
  • Plus our useful item of the week!! 

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Welcome to Passionate About Prepping

This is Episode 1, recorded on Oct 15, 2016. In today’s show we will talk about…..

  • ME!!!
  • Oh, and What is a Prepper
  • What is Prepping
  • Why and what are we preparing for
  • And finally, the basics on how to start

Thanks for joining me for the very first episode on Passionate about Prepping. I hope you’ll join me for more next week!!

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